Void Grenade

Overview Edit

Void Grenade is a Device that on use, will launch a small grenade that will attract bullets and enemies to the center of the attraction range which is the grenade. Bullets that reach the center will be destroyed. If the grenade expires before the bullets are destroyed, they will be slowed down and continue going in the direction they were going before getting attracted by the void grenade.

Tactics Edit

Note that this weapon doesn't deal any damage until the Ultra Effect is unlocked. This weapon is pretty good against Guardians, preventing them from attack the player since all their bullets will be absorbed by the Void Grenade. This Device can be great when combined with weapons that pierce enemies or deal AOE damage like the Flamethrower's Ultra since it will attract all enemies to 1 spot.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

  • Level 2 only: +1 ammo
  • -0.5 second cooldown
  • +5 attractive force

Upgrading this Device with a Ultra Chip will grant this weapon the ability to inflict damage to any Enemies caught it the Void Grenade.

Notes Edit

  • The Launcher will add a nice range bonus, increasing the weapon's overall utility.