Overview Edit

Thor Light is a Probe Weapon that discharges electricity to Enemies close to the Rover. Discharging electricity will consume EP, which is this weapon's ammo. The Probe cannot zap enemies until it has completely recharged the weapon's EP gauge.

Tactics Edit

This weapon is very good against small and quick enemies because they require nearly no EP to be killed, and they will die almost instantly. This weapon deals very good damage. due to its small range, getting close to Guardians may result in getting hit.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

  • +4 damage
  • +1 EP recharge
  • -4 EP cost

Upgrading this Probe Weapon with a Ultra Chip will grant it the ability to chain the electricity to a second nearby enemy.

Notes Edit

  • Charger and Ammo Box will both greatly increase the overall effectiveness of this weapon.
  • The Ultra Chip effectively doubles Thor Light's damage.