Overview Edit


Tesla Coil is a Weapon, holding LMB will charge up the weapon. Enemies that enter the small threshold in front of the Rover will be instantly zapped. Releasing LMB after charging will release lightning to zap enemies over a longer distance. The more charged it is, the longer the lightning beam is. The lightning beam will recede as ammo runs out.

Tactics Edit

The shorter ranged zap can deal an INCREDIBLE amount of damage, but can put the player in danger. Equipping the launcher will increase the range of the shorter zap, allowing the player to use it more while being a lot more safe. This weapon totally destroys Guardians. Tesla Coil takes quite a bit of time to charge up in the early levels, making it a less optimal choice early on. The Ultra Ability will give this weapon quite a bit of extra AoE and damage.

Level Bonuses Edit

  • +15 damage
  • +3 sparks
  • -0.2 second spraying speed (lightning is released faster)

Upgrading this weapon with a Ultra Chip will upgrade the sparks, making them deal secondary splash damage to nearby enemies. (effect of this ultra to be verified, unclear).

Notes Edit

  • Charger and Launcher will turn this weapon into monster.
  • This weapon destroys turrets and walls very easily.
  • This weapon currently does not have a Blueprint.