Overview Edit

Sonic Impact is a Weapon that has 2 firing modes.The player can tap LMB to release a powerful short ranged sonic blast, or hold LMB to charge up the blue bar under the Rover's health. Once it is fully charged, release to fire multiple compressed sonic blasts that can deal a significant amount of damage, cover a very long range and penetrate normal enemies.

Tactics Edit

Mainly, the player should use the concentrated blast in order to remain at a safe distance from the enemies. This weapon is very good against Guardians as a fully charged volley will deal incredible damage. The short ranged blast is more commonly used as a ''panic'' attack to deal with small and quick enemies, but sometimes the player will get overwhelmed by many small drones and due to its moderately slow attack speed it will have no choice but to run or use a Device. The weapon can be charged 1/4 of the bar to release 1-2 compressed blasts (depending on level). The compressed blasts have the ability to go through enemies, giving this weapon impressively good area of effect. This Weapon is an all around good choice for players seeking good options to beat high scores.


Compressed volley


Short-ranged blast

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this Weapon:

  • +50 damage
  • +0.02 second launching speed
  • +5 wide angle (short blast mode)
  • -0.04 second cooldown
  • +1 sonic bullet

Upgrading this weapon with a Ultra Chip will grant this weapon the ability to repel enemies' bullets via the short blast mode.

Notes Edit

  • Getting the launcher for this weapon is overkill, it has enough range on its own.
  • This Weapon performs very well on its own, allowing the player to choose defensive Accessories while maintaining good damage.

Trivia Edit

  • After the most recent update (0.7.0) the ultra effect has been nerfed. It was much stronger before, and the player could be almost untouchable.