Shock Nova

Overview Edit

Shock Nova is a Device that Rover can use. On use, it will release a nova around Rover that will destroy bullets, deal damage to any Enemies and will also slowdown enemies in range.

Tactics Edit

Using this Device on a single enemy is a waste. The player should wait until a bunch of enemies is around them to deal the most damage possible, or use it when Rover is about to take damage, removing all bullets, keeping Rover safe. It is good against Guardians since Shock Nova can both deal damage and remove bullets, helping the player during difficult patterns/attacks. Shock Nova is good against enemies that launch small and quick drones towards the player, because when those enemies are slowed, any drones they release will also be slowed.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

  • Level 2 only: +1 ammo
  • +30 damage

Upgrading this Device with a Ultra Chip will grant this Device the ability to inflict sustained damage to any enemies hit.

Notes Edit

  • Good against enemies like Enemy 23.
  • This weapon will deal very good damage once level 3.
  • The Ultra Effect isn't a go to upgrade.