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Overview Edit

The Rebounding Laser is a Weapon that shoots lasers that will rebound on walls, thus having the ability to hit many targets with a single shot. Every time a laser hits a Enemy or wall, that laser will release a Spark. The Spark will be launched in a random direction over a very short distance, dealing damage to anything that it hits. Enemies hit by this weapon are slowed.

Tactics Edit

Lasers shot will have a easier time rebounding and hitting enemies in small rooms. Its high single target damage and long range makes this weapon a fairly good choice for killing Guardians. This weapon can have a hard time dealing with a large amounts of small rapid enemies due to its very small laser hit box. The player should use the range of this weapon and stay far away from the enemies. The ultra effect adds 20 damage to the lasers each time they rebound. This can be useful but against bosses in big open areas, lasers shot are most likely not gonna rebound and hit the boss a second time.

Level bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this Weapon:

  • +15 Damage

Upgrading this weapon with a Ultra Chip will give every laser 20 extra damage each time they rebound.

Notes Edit

  • This weapon coupled with the Charger will make it significantly better, the added attack speed is a must.
  • The Launcher will give more range to the lasers, increasing chances that a laser will rebound and hit an enemy.
  • It is advised to not try to only get rebounds after getting the ultra upgrade, stopping to aim for rebounds can easily get you hit.