Overview Edit


Lvl 2 Laser Shotgun

The Laser Shotgun is a Weapon that fires quick waves of lasers. The Weapon is very good at hitting many enemies at the cost of low damage. It's ability to fire very wide waves of bullet makes it one of the best Weapons at dealing with small and quick enemies. This Weapon has no reload or recharge time so the player can keep firing without having to worry about ammo.

Tactics Edit

Its ultra ability helps the player stay at a safe distance from enemies. Compared to the other weapons, the Laser Shotgun struggles a lot more with Guardians, due to its low single target damage. They player will need to get close to the Guardian for most of the bullets to hit, putting the player in a dangerous spot.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this Weapon:

  • +2 damage
  • +2 bullets per wave

Upgrading this weapon with a Ultra Chip will give this weapon more knock back on normal enemies.

Notes Edit

  • LaserShottyChargerAmmo

    Level 3 Laser Shotgun equipped with Charger and Ammo Box

    Having both the Charger and the Ammo Box equipped can make this weapon significantly better, but will make the player miss out on great defensive accessories such as the Energy Shield and Mender.

Gameplay Edit

Laser Shotgun Gameplay

Laser Shotgun Gameplay