Level 1 Laser Burst

Overview Edit

Laser Burst is a Probe Weapon that shoots volleys of lasers that don't deal high damage but will knock back Enemies.

Tactics Edit

This weapon deals fairly low damage, because it is more utility oriented. The Ultra Upgrade will help this weapon dish out more damage. This weapon isn't very good coupled with the Sensor, as it won't do much damage against Guardians because of its low damage output.

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

  • +4 Lasers shot per burst

Upgrading this Probe Weapon with a Ultra Chip will grant it the ability to deal splash damage and inflict sustained damage.

Notes Edit

  • This weapon's low damage can be mitigated by unlocking its Ultra Ability, increasing its overall damage.
  • The Charger will greatly increase this weapon's fire rate.
  • The Ammo Box will provide this weapon with 4 extra ammo.