Overview Edit

The Floating Mine is a high-damage tracking mine Accessory that can home in on Enemies and cause explosion damage.

Tactics Edit

When launched, it will move slowly towards enemies, so firing the Mine at enemies running towards the player is the most effective way to use it. Floating Mine takes a long time to recharge before it can be used again. Because of its medium-high damage, it is recommended to use the floating mine as much as possible, using it whenever the player faces a medium and above health enemy. Using it whenever the player can will be the best way to maximize its damage. Even when leveled up, its area of effect is low so the player should think of this weapon as a single target damage weapon.

Level Bonuses Edit

  • Level 2 only: +1 ammo
  • +80 damage
  • +6 blast range

Upgrading this Device with a Ultra Chip will make it so the explosion can destroy Enemies' bullets.

Notes Edit

  • At its current state, the floating mine is definitely one of the weaker devices available
  • For being an almost pure offensive Device, it does lower damage compared to other devices who are a mix of offensive and defensive i.e (Blast Wave, Shock Nova, Flash Shock and Thunderbolt Hoop).
    • Keep in mind that these devices can also hit MANY enemies, increasing furthermore their damage output.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to update 0.7.0, the ultra upgrade would set the point of explosion on fire.