Flash Shock (3)

The clone explodes without pressing SPACE

Overview Edit

Flash Shock is a Device that on use, drops a clone that explodes after 2 seconds, dealing massive damage to any enemy caught in the blast. If the player presses SPACE again before the clone explodes, Rover will swap place with the clone and immediately explode. The blast can also destroy bullets.

Tactics Edit

This weapon is very versatile. The Player can double tap SPACEBAR to release a shock wave closely resembling the Device Shock Nova. The player can also put down a clone, boost towards Enemies and press SPACEBAR again to explode the clone on the enemies. Finally, the player can put down the clone as a time bomb, running away and leading enemies into it.
Flash Shock (1)

Switching locations with the clone by pressing SPACE

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this weapon:

Flash Shock (2)

Double tapping SPACE speeds up the process

  • -1 sec cooldown

Upgrading this Device with a Ultra Chip will make it so the booster has only 0.5 sec cooldown in explosive countdown

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to update 0.7.1, Flash Shock's ultra upgrade would add a damage over time effect to its explosion.