Flamethrower ultra

Ultra effect

Overview Edit

Flamethrower is a Weapon that shoots fire out in a stream. Holding LMB will release a stream of flames to damage and set Enemies on fire. Using this weapon will consume Energy Points (EP). Holding LMB after the EP bar is emptied will still shoot flames, but only as fast as it can recharge, resulting in a damage loss.

Tactics Edit

This weapon is never weak or extremely good, it stays a decent weapon throughout the game. Once the Ultra Ability is unlocked, the weapon's damage will significantly increase. Since this weapon is all damage over time, it can be a good idea to fight in retreat, shooting flames at the most enemies as possible then letting the fire do the trick by running away. This weapon does not struggle against Guardians. Most Guardians don't move a lot, so they end up staying in the flames of the ultra ability.

Level Bonuses Edit

  • +1 EP recharge
  • +100 energy

Upgrading this weapon with a Ultra Chip will power-up the flames, making them scorch the ground wherever they land.

Notes Edit

  • Fighting in retreat can be a good idea, letting the fire do the work.
  • When this weapon is level 3 and equipped with a Charger, it will make the energy drain problem almost none existent.
  • This weapon does not gain damage per Core Upgrade, so it deals good damage all game.
  • The flame projectiles have quite a bit of travel time, and can be hard to hit quick enemies when they're not following a straight line.
  • Damage over time weapons aren't the best, as it is always better to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible so there is less bullets on the screen.