Lvl 2 Fish Sword with Ammo Box

Overview Edit

The Fish Sword is a Probe Weapon that shoots out multiple energy bolts at a moderately fast speed. The bolts shot will home in on Enemies. If an Enemy is killed before the bolt reaches it, it will target a new one. If there is no Enemy nearby, the bolts will bounce around the room.

Tactics Edit

It deals exceptional damage after reaching level 3. Its ability to 2-3 shot weak enemies such as the small Enemy 4 will be very helpful to slow weapons as those tend to get overwhelmed by them. The Fish Sword's Ultra ability gives it even more utility, but note that the added utility is not a must. If the player possesses Weapons with superior ultras, then the player should upgrade those first i.e (Electric Gun, Pulse Gun, Beam Cannon, etc.)

Level Bonuses Edit

Each Core Upgrade will grant this Weapon:

  • +10 damage
  • +1 ammo

Upgrading this Probe Weapon with an Ultra Chip will give the energy bolts a AOE slowing effect.

Notes Edit

  • The Charger will add a good bit of attack speed, furthermore increasing its damage output and utility.
  • Enemy 23 is greatly countered by this weapon because if it gets hit by the Fish Sword's bolt, it will be slowed making every small drone released by it automatically slowed. (As seen in GIF)
  • The 2 extra ammo from Ammo Box Is really useful. Much like the Charger, it will increase damage and utility.